Social Media Coaching Adelaide.

It doesn’t matter what level of social media or digital marketing expertise you have, or how many qualifications you’ve got, we all hit roadblocks from time to time!

That’s where is can be really helpful to engage a second set of eyes or another creative brain to help – and that’s what our social media coaching sessions are all about.

How our Social Media Coaching works

Our social media coaching sessions are one-on-one, and are facilitated by either our CEO Simone Douglas, or our General Manager Tamara Caire. Both have extensive digital marketing and business experience, meaning they are well-placed to help you navigate through any social media or digital marketing challenges that you might be facing.

We want to actively jump into your social channels with you so that we can review unique insights, and guide you through the parts you need.

Our social media coaching sessions can be held face-to-face in our Adelaide office, or virtually via Zoom or Skype. They typically run for 1-2 hours per consult, and are designed to support you in maximising the return on your time investment into social media marketing.

The idea is that you engage us for social media coaching as and when required. You might just need us once, or you might want us to book in more frequently so we can be your social media accountability partner.

What sorts of topics could we cover?

The beauty of being one-on-one means that we can tailor the social media coaching session to your business needs, and your level of comfortability with the different social media platforms.

We have worked with people at all levels, including those who have never even created a social media account before, and those who have been split-testing multiple Facebook advertising campaigns across international markets. Our experience means that we’ll have you covered, no matter where you’re at.

Here are just a few of the things we can help you with:

What our social media coaching clients have to say