Social Media Strategy Adelaide.

All too often, businesses start out on social media without having first put in place a clear social media strategy.

Social media and digital marketing activities more broadly should never be undertaken in isolation, they should be integrated with your marketing and communications strategy, and the activity on these channels should inherently support your business goals.

It’s not just about being present on social media – it’s about having a strategy on how to maximise each platform to ensure your customer bases and stakeholders feel engaged with, while also helping you to reach whole new segments.

A good social media strategy will encompass a wide range of options to support your business in getting the most out of its use of social media, and defining measurable KPI’s and returns on both your time and dollar investment.

Where do we start with a social media strategy?

We start by taking the time to understand your business goals, your other marketing activity, and who your current and intended target audiences are. From there we can design a social media strategy that is designed to give you purpose and direction for your social media activity.

By workshopping with the key stakeholders in your business we can then set about putting together a comprehensive social media strategy and plan that is actionable, measurable and most importantly sustainable.

Once complete you can take your strategy and implement it yourselves or retain us to implement it for you with our social media advertising or social media management services.

What will my social media strategy include?

Our social media strategies are comprehensive, and cover off on all-important things including:

We’ll also undertake a full review of your website in line with your social media objectives, providing recommendations for conversion optimization, as well as a quick review and analysis of your competitor’s social media channels.

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