Meet the

Social Media AOK was founded in 2012 by Simone Douglas.

It was born out of frustration at seeing business owners being taken advantage of and being held to ransom by marketing agencies who were hemming businesses into lock-in contracts, and baffling them with industry jargon.

Having run a number of businesses prior to Social Media AOK’s inception, Simone understood that businesses don’t have a bottomless pit of money to throw at marketing without seeing results, and if those results aren’t there, then it was simply unethical to keep them locked into a 6 month contract.

And so Social Media AOK came into being.

We’re a seriously social business that is flexible and fluid, and we pride ourselves in providing honest solutions for our clients, and trying to have fun while we do it.

Our team embodies our values of Ownership, Respect, Positivity, and Drive.

Let’s meet the team….

Meet the team

Simone Douglas

CEO & Founder

Simone is our fearless leader and lover of all things business, marketing, and caffeine.  When she’s not helping business owners succeed, she’s likely enjoying a single malt whiskey or lifting heavy weights.

Social Media Superpower: Talking underwater with a mouthful of marbles about anything and everything relating to social media and marketing (figuratively speaking, at least)

Coffee Order: Long Macchiato with almond milk

Meet the team

Payam Golbaghi

Content Solutions Specialist (‘The Cool One’)

Payam was anonymously given the title of “The Cool One” by his colleagues (though the nature of this happening is in doubt) for projecting his swagness into the ad campaigns he creates. He has watched over 1,500 movies and series and has a secret Instagram page with more than 20K followers where he rates all the movies he watches. Payam has recently discovered Tik ToK and won’t let go of it, while it is clearly not for his age, somebody come get him.

Social Media Superpower: Does what is the best for the client at all costs! He will spend your money exactly the same way if it was his own. Payam also loves numbers, he believes the secret to success lies somewhere in Analytics.

Coffee Order: No coffee here – Green Tea!

Meet the team

Marie Carbone

Content Solutions Specialist

A true 90s kid, Marie’s secret life ambition was to become a Spice Girl. However, since she can’t really carry a tune, Marie found another way to express her voice: writing. When she isn’t making punny captions for clients and downing multiple cups of coffee a day, you can find her… well actually, you can never find her as she’s a hermit who prefers to remain indoors reading, or knitting while Netflixing sitcoms with her cats.

Social Media Superpower: Being able to switch between brand voices for various clients.

Coffee Order: Double shot lactose-free latte (yep, she likes it strong!)

Meet the team

Eula Gonzales

Content Solutions Specialist

As someone who still gets excited over snail mail, Eula revels the occasion to get out a real pen and write to someone (and secretly hopes there will be a return to the lost art of letter writing one day). A firm advocate of collecting experiences, she enjoys trying new things like putting on a silly wig to be a clown at the Christmas pageant or encountering a huge male kangaroo on a narrow trail during her first hike at Deep Creek Conservation Park.

As a content solutions specialist, she believes that data-infused creativity drives rich experiences made for real people. Like in most things, you may not always immediately know the “how” but you should always strive to know the “why.” When she’s not typing away on her computer, she enjoys going on nature trips, scouring the bookshops, discovering a new coffee/brunch place, and catching a movie. Every now and again, you’ll find her on an occasional bike ride around Glenelg.

Social Media Superpower: Having multiple tabs open! The ability to build knowledge quickly and disseminate it widely, gathering and curating information in a more time-efficient manner.

Coffee Order: Soy Milk Latte

Paula Harrington

Executive Assistant

Paula is Simone’s super friendly Executive Assistant – if you’ve ever wondered just how Simone gets everything done every day, it’s thanks to Paula and her supreme organisational skills. Before she joined the SMAOK family, Paula worked in the medical, fitness, hospitality, and motor vehicle industries, so naturally, she had to add social media marketing to the list.

When she’s not busy flicking between Simone’s 3 businesses all day, you can find her out and about enjoying a walk, a hike, or out camping (yes, in a tent – no glamping here). She loves her friends like family and her bank statement shows a firm commitment to supporting the food and wine industries in SA.

Her self-professed happy place is the beach and river and she is determined to master Stand Up Paddle Boarding by the end of the year!

Social Media Superpower: Being able to find anything /anyone on social media.

Coffee Order: Cappuccino with one sugar (but if you want her to really like you, bring her wine instead).

Akshay Bansod

Content Solutions Specialist

Most of his friends call him “AB”. The first 4 letters of the alphabet describe him the best: Akshay Bansod Can Dance! 

Touting himself a “Jack of all and Master of some” kind of person, Akshay’s specialty is in SEO and SEM.

When he’s not devising spiffy campaigns for clients, you can catch him rewatching his favorite TV shows FRIENDS and The Office (G.O.T used to be there but the last few episodes ruined it for him) or pumping it out in the gym on weeknights. On weekends, you can find him smashing out on the basketball court, playing cricket, snooker, or tearing it up on the dance floor.

Social Media Superpower: Creatives! Akshay believes it’s all in the creative that grabs the attention of the audience and he believes in refining and targeting the correct audiences for your services/products to maximise your advertising spend.

Coffee Order: Latte with 2 sugars, well stirred.

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