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increase in direct bookings via Facebook Ads


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quality landing page views via Facebook ads

The Challenge

The accommodation provider came to us feeling very uncertain. They had someone running their Facebook advertising campaigns for them, but they just didn’t seem to be working as the bookings weren’t flowing in.

After attending some social media training courses with us, they felt as though we knew what we were talking about (phew!) and entrusted their Facebook campaigns to us.

The overarching goal was to increase the quality of the traffic to the website, thereby increasing conversions and getting them more direct bookings.

The Facebook Advertising Solution

In reviewing the campaigns that had been run previously, we could immediately see that the bounce rate was very high at 85%. This meant that 85% of the traffic coming from the Facebook ads was hitting the website, and leaving straightaway – such a waste!

Accomodation provider

This indicated that a number of things were awry with the campaigns – the audience targeting wasn’t right so the ads were being shown to the wrong sorts of people, and the ad copy and creatives weren’t up to scratch, meaning they weren’t conveying the true value of the accommodation.

The Results

Through the creation of detailed target audiences on Facebook, we managed to reduce the bounce rate to just 58% in the space of 3 months (down from the previous 85%!):

Accomodation provider

We improved the ad creatives to showcase the stunning location of the accommodation, highlighting the popularity of it’s location, and the features of the area more than ever. Where previous campaigns were achieving a click-through rate of just 2.54%, our ads saw this jump to 8.04%.

The change in approach also allowed us to implement the Facebook Pixel and run strong remarketing campaigns, recapturing those people who hadn’t booked on their first visit to the website through secondary ads that offered specials and packages.

The end result was an incredible 367% increase in direct bookings.

Not to mention 368 people have saved the posts for later reference, indicating more future bookings are on the way!