HootSuite and WeiBo

HootSuite and Weibo, Social Media And China

Facts about China & Sina WeiBo

China has the world’s biggest internet user base in nowadays, and it is up to 600 Million people and growing. China also has the world’s most active environment for social media platform. Besides there are lots of serious law regulations to manage the social media platform in China; and every business activity must require to follow the national law in the occur location.

Four Golden PR Rules in The Age of Social Media

With the immense popularity of social media, the traditional landscapes of public relations (PR) through newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals have completely changed. Gone are the days where PR professionals would subscribe to print publications to get the latest stories that they can use for their “newsjacking” strategy, or the practice of injecting your marketing ideas into recent news to generate more followers. Unlike radio and TV commercial spots, social media channels provide PR companies with cost-efficient means of publishing press releases and digital contents (audio, video, and creative visuals).

image courtesy of The Think Tank (via Flickr Creative Commons)

Snapchat for business

10 Tips For Businesses On How To Use Snapchat


Our attention span is constantly decreasing, in fact over the last ten years it has dropped from 12 minutes to a mere five minutes. This makes Snapchat and its short, seconds long video and images, the ultimate tool to increase the reach of your brand or business. Snapchat allows you to share branded, unique and interesting content with a large audience, or even individuals.

10 Ways to Align Your Social Tactics With Your Strategy

Social media is a big deal, and your digital strategy is a really important part of how you present your brand to the world. Ideally, you will employ social tactics as part of a bigger vision of your overall strategy.


How do we do this, and what are some key things you can do right now to tighten your process? Here are 10 tips from the Brutal Pixie toolbox to help you with just that.


Social Media Failures

Over the last few weeks there has been quite a number of social media failures.  Just recently a local hotel made a very large faux par by posting a proposed price adjustment and a not so kind view of those who went against their point of view. The immediate backlash went much further than anything they ever imagined, resulting in TV and news channels reporting on it.

10 Tips To Tune Up Your Social Media This Christmas

So it’s getting close to the holiday period, the retail sector is ramping up, tradies are madly trying to finish work in progress before their suppliers shut up shop for the mandatory two to four week break depending on your industry and everyone is getting ready for a nice long vacation.


Thoughts are turning to those long awaited family road trips and many of you reading this will be booking the family car in for the pre holiday service to ensure it is running at optimum mechanical efficiency prior to setting off.  So the question is when did you last get your social media serviced? Has your social media had it’s Christmas tune up?

A Very Social Media Christmas

So Christmas is just around the corner and whilst many businesses are looking forward to the Christmas break and postponing marketing decisions until they return in the new year.  We are doing the exact opposite, and are advising our clients to prepare themselves to have a very social “media” Christmas.


Why you ask?