Marketing for RTOs – 10 Do’s and Do Not’s

Registered Training Organisation’s (RTO) have their own regulations that must be adhered to regarding their own marketing and advertising. Below is a list of 10 points that RTO’s can and can’t do.


  1. The Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) logo needs to be displayed with the RTO’s code on the advert.

The Registered Training Organisation should have the Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) logo on their advertisements if it is in print format and seen visually. Along with the logo, the training organisation’s code should also be included in print or as a disclaimer at the end of the audio-visual advert.

  1. All information from the advertisement must be up to date, reliable and accurate.

The advertisements should be relevant and provide up to date information from the organisation’s details to the courses offered. This gives the audience the ability to have the correct information for their own convenience to make informed decisions. It will also prevent any misunderstandings from occurring down the track.

  1. Make it clear and known if a 3rd party is recruiting on behalf the RTO.

It should be clear to the audience if a 3rd party is recruiting for the RTO, it would allow for transparency from both organisations if any mishaps were to occur. If the 3rd party is also conducting assessments or is delivering training on behalf of the training organisation, that must also be known to the prospective students.

  1. Ensure that all advertised training products will result in a qualification or licensed outcome.

When training product(s) are being advertised, that product should result in a licensed or regulated outcome that has been confirmed by an industry regulator. This ensures that the organisation has the ability to deliver the outcomes desired by potential students. It must also be noted that every 5 years assessments for courses should be updated in order for it to still be valid.

  1. If any training products have been mentioned, they must include the code and product title that has been published in the National Register.

The training codes and product titles certify that the courses provided by the RTO have been approved by the National Register. The training organisation has the authority and permission to conduct training for that product. It also ensures there is no confusion about what is being offered and to allow potential learners to verify the information as the same codes and titles are used Australia wide.


  1. Not include information regarding any government subsidy options such as VET FEE-HELP.

Marketing collateral has to detail information about any government subsidy options that are available to the student which can assist them financially.  This ensures that the potential students know what their financial options are prior to commencement of the training product such as outright fees, VET FEE-HELP options and instalment payment options.

  1. It must be clear where training is not nationally recognised.

All training products and organisations should be identified if they are or aren’t nationally recognised. There is a penalty for the miscommunication of services provided and the authority of the organisations. As stated above, all recognised training organisations should be identified with the NRT logo.

  1. Not identifying the services and training products it provides on the scope of registration.

Upon registration, the training products of choice should be identified for the prospective student to identify and confirm before enrolment. It allows the organisation to approve and confirm what training product the student will be undertaking to avoid misunderstandings to occur in the future.

  1. Provide testimonials without the permission of the person or organisation they are quoting.

All testimonials from current, past or prospective students must be approved by the individuals themselves before being released to the public. If the students do not grant their permission, the organisation has to abide by and respect their decision. If testimonials are published without permission there is a high chance of complaints, loss of reputation and potential legal complications.

  1. The marketing and advertising for the organisation must not manipulate the NRT logo on the advertisement.

All Registered Training Organisation’s that have been nationally accredited must abide the by Schedule Four of the Standards when manipulating the NRT logo in marketing collateral and advertisements. This ensures that the logo will not be distorted and the audience is still able to recognise it and understand its significance.



Hopefully you found out some helpful guidelines from this post in marketing for RTOs. If you’re still interested you can read more here on the ASQA website.

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