Known as the place where “professionals connect”, LinkedIn has certainly stepped up its game in the advertising scene over the last few years.

As the userbase has continued to increase, so have too the LinkedIn Advertising options that are available to businesses around the world, and it is considered to be the #1 platform by B2B (business to business) lead generation, as rated by marketers.

LinkedIn Advertising Audience Targeting Options

LinkedIn currently has approximately 10 million + registered users in Australia, and some 675 million + users around the world – so there’s no wonder it’s considered to be the “world’s largest professional network”.

Because of the sheer amount of information users load into their profiles, LinkedIn’s powerful Advertising tool allows us to use these data points to create hyper-targeted audiences with which we can promote our business, brand, product or service.

So, what sorts of audience targeting options do we have?

Imagine being able to create an audience made up of people with Marketing roles in Australia, who are interested in Technology?

Or an audience of Accountants in Adelaide with 5 or more years of job experience?

The ability to continually narrow and refine your audiences through LinkedIn Advertising means you can tailor your marketing messages directly to the people who need to hear them.

What are the LinkedIn Advertising options?

When creating a LinkedIn Advertising campaign, you will be offered 7 different styles of campaign to choose from:

There are a few different options to choose from when commencing the creation of your LinkedIn advertising campaign, and that’s before you’ve even had to narrow down your ad format, ad placement, budget, schedule, bid types… and let’s not forget the all important copy and design of your ads!

Advertising on LinkedIn also traditionally attracts a higher cost per click than Facebook Advertising, so it’s important that it’s setup correctly and designed to really help you achieve your goals.

This is why we specialise in helping businesses with their social media advertising, as it can be a veritable minefield for the uninitiated and inexperienced!

What can LinkedIn Advertising help a business achieve?

LinkedIn Advertising isn’t just about putting a message up and broadcasting it at your desired target audience. When leveraged correctly, it can be so much more.

Through their increased advertising platform capabilities, LinkedIn now allows us to really nurture our leads and prospects through the sales journey to increase conversion rates. This is so important because some 90% of the buyer’s journey can be over before a prospect reaches out to your business – so we must seek to find ways to keep our brand in front of our target audience throughout their purchase process.

LinkedIn advertising allows us to do this through remarketing to recent website visitors, the LinkedIn Lead Accelerator Tool, uploading lists of prospects to target with different messaging, and more.

Not sure where to start?

If you’re not sure where to start, we have a range of social media advertising packages that can see us take over your LinkedIn advertising and work alongside you as your outsourced digital marketing partner. We also offer social media training and social media coaching services if you would rather have a go at things yourself.

It’s really easy to start, as we like to start with coffee.