Individual Social Media Coaching


Individual Social Media Coaching

This Individual Social Media Coaching is designed to fit individual learning and provides direct instruction for those seeking specific attention in social media training.

If you dabble with social media and not sure if you could be utilising the full potential of your efforts, our individual coaching will provide a focused environment tailored to your needs.

Maybe you’re getting “ok” results, but you want to get GREAT results?

Social Media AOK offers individual social media coaching services that are designed to give you that extra edge when it comes to managing your own social media.

These social media coaching sessions can cover off on just about anything you want to know regarding social media on any of the popular platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and anything else that pops up on the social media landscape.

Individual Social Media Training Can Help With:

Our social media coaching is paced at your speed, and we like you to walk away with something tangible – so bring along your wifi-enabled laptop and we’ll actively assist you in your accounts.

To book in an individual social media coaching session you can simply call the office on 1300 65 85 43, or Contact us and we’ll get back to you.