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  • Facts about China & Sina WeiBo   China has the world’s biggest internet user base in nowadays, and it is up to 600 Million people and growing. China also has the world’s most active environment for social media platform. Besides there are lots of serious law regulations to manage the social media platform in China; and every business activity must require to follow the national law in the occur location.   (more…)
  • image courtesy of The Think Tank (via Flickr Creative Commons)

    With the immense popularity of social media, the traditional landscapes of public relations (PR) through newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals have completely changed. Gone are the days where PR professionals would subscribe to print publications to get the latest stories that they can use for their “newsjacking” strategy, or the practice of injecting your marketing ideas into recent news to generate more followers. Unlike radio and TV commercial spots, social media channels provide PR companies with cost-efficient means of publishing press releases and digital contents (audio, video, and creative visuals). (more…)
  • You've got the words down. You can market your company to anyone who wants to read about it – your company has a massive online following from your daily Facebook and Twitter posts. You’re looking to expand, to keep up with forever-evolving technology, but you just don’t know where, or who, to target. (more…)