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  • In 2015 big data and analytics will be all about focusing on the most relevant data for insight into what will turn investment into return. More organisations will also look at how automated data can add value to their business with deep insight technologies.   In December 2014 Scarborough Beach (Perth) had an unexpected visitor in the form of a 30-tonne humpback whale carcass. (more…)
  • This is a reference to ‘hidden city ticketing’, a primarily US phenomenon. Here’s an example. Among discount airlines in the USA, sometimes a ticket from LA to New York via Chicago (LAX-CHI-JFK) is cheaper than a ticket from LA to Chicago (LAX-CHI) direct. So a passenger wanting a LAX-CHI flight could save money by buying the first type of ticket and then discarding the CHI-JFK leg. (more…)
  • So here's the thing, it's the end of the first quarter for the year  and with it another round of coaching and training courses and I am struck by a startling albeit simple realisation.


    Some people are just not cut out to be a "Seriously Social" business.