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  • For most service based organisations, they can invest squillions into restructuring, advertising, processes, logos etc. But the most common thing organisations seem to forget is that their people are their brand. Service offering organisations like law firms don’t have a product. We don’t have a fancy piece of technology that can be touched, seen, heard etc. You are our brand. Accept it. Embrace it. You represent us. (more…)
  • "On 24 September 2014, the Office of the Small Business Commissioner (with support from the Adelaide City Council) hosted a rare line-up of eCommerce industry heavyweights to give South Australian retailers a glimpse at the future of retail and how they can make online work for them."  eBay Mainstreet   Since I have apparently graduated to digital heavyweight I thought I should probably share the great takeaways I got from the session. (more…)
  • Council Election laws meet social media

    By LGA Communications Director Chris Russell

    When the Local Government (Elections) Act was passed by the South Australian Parliament on 26th August, 1999, Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, had barely turned 15. (more…)