YouTube Is Taking Off

Youtube is taking off

YouTube Is Taking Off

YouTube is on the rise as it has become the second most used social media channel worldwide. In 2020, YouTube was second only to Facebook with 2 billion active monthly users. In some countries, it is the most dominant social media channel overall, but usage in Australia has only recently surged possibly due in large part to bandwidth usage. As more and more Australians have access to 4G and high speed internet access at home and work, video marketing and video in social media is becoming more widely adopted.

Now video is also a very popular medium in Australia attracting about 15 million Australian visitors every month to YouTube.


While the older generations, Boomers (30%) and Matures (16%) are active, many Gen-Xers (46%) and most Millennials (52-55%) are very familiar with and use YouTube often. The overall trend shows that this social media platform is solidifying as the second most used social media channel in Australia.


YouTube And Video Marketing On The Rise


As of 2017, Nielsen reports that o average 14.7 Million Australians over 18 watch 19 hours of YouTube programming monthly making it by far the most popular video sharing site.


Youtube is taking off


This figure may still rise as older generations begin adopting this platform instead of browsing through lengthy articles to find out what a company does, they may be more likely to watch a short video to gather information.


Interactive and entertaining for many, it is an effective was to advertise a business without busting the bank.


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Simone Douglas

Simone Douglas

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