Why Being Seriously Social is Important

At Social Media AOK we have always embraced “Seriously Social” as a a way of being. I believe absolutely that if you can’t be social in real life, you shouldn’t be advising businesses on how to be “Social” in the digital space.

To that end, we continuously run a range of different networking events to encourage of friends and contacts to expand their offline networks by harnessing the power of their online ones.

Our signature “Not a Boardroom Lunch” series is always run on a Friday afternoon for obvious reasons, and gives small groups of business owners and managers (no more than 20) the opportunity to meet new and interesting business leaders from outside their existing business networks.


By running these lunches on a monthly basis the team at Social Media AOK get to stay across emerging trends in both industry and business in a broad range of sectors, which in turn supports us in marketing our clients within those sectors effectively. We pride ourselves on giving members of the local Adelaide business community ways to engage and interact with their peers without committing to a high cost membership program or being subjected to a sales process. As I like to say to the people I invite “At the end of the day it’s lunch and it’s always better to eat with company.”

If you would like to be put on the invite list, by all means let us know (email Tamara).

We also maintain the Facebook Group Adelaide Business Central which is designed to provide an online networking space for local business owners and managers to support each other through the never-ending peaks and troughs that are being in business. Through this group we host bi-annual networking events, giving the members an opportunity to meet face to face again to start the process of strengthening their online relationships by taking them offline and into real life.



In addition to all of the above both myself and Tamara Caire my Director of Sales & Marketing contribute to supporting BNI Adelaide‘s regional team, all of this means we are well placed to support you to grow and strengthen your online and offline networks, and in turn, your business.



Keen for a coffee? By all means drop us a line, give us a call, or visit our Contact Us page.


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Simone Douglas

Simone Douglas

Simone is co-founder and Senior Principal Solutions Architect of Social Media AOK. Simone offers over 17 years in corporate management roles encompassing generalist HR recruitment and development of small to large teams across multiple sites, industry sectors and states. Experienced in a variety of social media platforms and their complimentary applications, social media strategy, risk management, disaster recovery and associated HR policies and processes.