LinkedIn Pages

LinkedIn Pages – What’s new & what you need to know

While it’s not the platform that’s regularly in the news, LinkedIn has been quietly chugging away in the background, gaining loads of momentum. LinkedIn have reported that their user base has now surpassed 590 million members worldwide, including over 9 million here in Australia.  And as of January 2019, we found there to be 470,000 LinkedIn users…

Social Media Advertising – What’s new in the zoo.

Today I presented another keynote session for Brand South Australia on Social Media Advertising and how it has evolved in the last 6 months. It’s always hard to know where to pitch a session when it is being delivered to a broad and somewhat unknown cross section of industries and businesses with their own unique…

Creating the Creative: Facebook Advertising

There are currently over 15 million active users within Facebook’s vast community in Australia alone (Source: This large audience creates endless potential for businesses who utilise digital advertising. Keeping that in mind, how do you create creative that cuts through to your specified audience and produces results when there is so much noise? Quality,…

HootSuite and WeiBo

HootSuite and Weibo, Social Media And China

Facts about China & Sina WeiBo

China has the world’s biggest internet user base in nowadays, and it is up to 600 Million people and growing. China also has the world’s most active environment for social media platform. Besides there are lots of serious law regulations to manage the social media platform in China; and every business activity must require to follow the national law in the occur location.