Snapchat Spectacles: How to effectively promote your business through video


Remember Google Glass?


I do. They were leading the massive expectations for the development of technologically equipped specs – but the glasses flopped and VR equipment was favoured instead.


Thanks to our pals at Snapchat, a resurgence of wearable cameras may start in the form of a snazzy pair of glasses named Snapchat “Spectacles”. Snap, owners of Snapchat and the Spectacles, released the hardware at the end of last year – since their first attempt at monetisation for the horror film Ouija in 2014, the company has been increasing their revenue stream through advertising and news.


However, this is their first attempt at selling hardware to compliment their app. Not yet released in Australia (but through some quick thinking), the team at Social Media AOK are now able to rest the frames on their faces.


Snapchat Spectacles
I’m thinking about taking this look through winter.


How many times have you taken a video but realised that your thumb is in the way? Or want a perspective shot but can never quite seem to get it? Spectacles are your solution. The lenses mimic the eyes range of vision which means the vision recorded is extremely close to your perspective. Videos of differing lengths can be taken through a quick touch of a button – as inconspicuous as scratching an itch on your cheek.  These videos are then saved into the Snapchat apps memories section, which can then be stored on your phones camera roll and shared outside of the app.


The glasses charge through the case that is provided – this case is able to be charged through a USB port.


I like kitchens. And looking at them. My father is a tradesman (tiler), and from years of laboring as a teenager I’ve gained a pretty good memory for kitchens. But I can’t recall every detail. How tall is the rangehood? How many burners were there on the stove?


This is where Spectacles comes in:


…look Ma! No Hands!


Once paired wirelessly with Bluetooth, the Spectacles ability to shoot video from your own perspective has amazing potential. How many CEO room selfies will no longer be needed now that a quick scan of the audience will suffice? Will festivals now be fully recorded from multiple perspectives? What does this mean for the future of both marketing and the synergy of wearable tech?


So how do I use the Snapchat Spectacles?


Step 1: Take the Spectacles out of the case and put them on (as seen above…couldn’t help but thumbs up).


Step 2: Get out your phone (with the up-to-date Snapchat app) and enable Bluetooth.


enabling bluetooth

Step 3: Open Snapchat and tap the white ghost in the upper left hand corner (near the search bar).


how to use Snapchat SpectaclesStep 4: Tap the yellow “Snapchat Code” to enlarge it, and stare with your Specs on at the code. Within ten seconds the two devices should connect.

linking Spectacles to Snapchat

linking Spectacles to Snapchat app


…it might take a few seconds.


setting up snapchat spectacles


pairing snapchat spectacles



Step 5: You are now able to take Spectacles videos!

you can now take Snapchat Spectacle videos


While wearing them, press down the button and it will record in increments of ten seconds. Each additional tap will further the recording another ten seconds.


Remember: These videos saved into the Snapchat apps memories section. These can then be stored on your phones camera roll and shared outside of the app.


Beware what you spectacle: Make sure to pull all the videos off the glasses and onto your phone before lending them out, as the videos are originally saved internally on the glasses!


For now, I don’t have to remember the height of the range hood or the number of burners, as a quick perspective check from previously recorded Spectacle visuals allows me to ruminate on memories whilst also being able to watch them.

If you would like to discuss how to use Snapchat to promote your business, or how to use video on social media, get in touch – we’d love to help you out!

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Simone Douglas

Simone Douglas

Simone is co-founder and Senior Principal Solutions Architect of Social Media AOK. Simone offers over 17 years in corporate management roles encompassing generalist HR recruitment and development of small to large teams across multiple sites, industry sectors and states. Experienced in a variety of social media platforms and their complimentary applications, social media strategy, risk management, disaster recovery and associated HR policies and processes.