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Social Media AOK’s Seriously Social podcast with host Simone Douglas

Episode 19 – Dan Levy

Today’s guest is Dan Levy. He and Simone chat about Dan’s love for Adelaide, web design, and chasing the elusive “work-life balance”.

SeriouslySocial Podcast with Sami Glastonbury

Episode 18 – Sami Glastonbury

Our guest this episode is Sami Glastonbury from Blanche Box. She and Simone talk about the evolution of her career, ethical marketing, and the power of breaking the rules.

Seriously Social Podcast with Demelza Thorpe

Episode 17 – Demelza Thorpe

Our guest this episode is Demelza Thorpe from Powder Monkey Design. She chats with Simone about how she turned her side hustle into her main hustle and about how good business and good design grow from meaningful relationships with your clients.

SeriouslySocial Interview with Elizabeth Williamson

Episode 16 – Elizabeth Williamson

Our guest this episode is Elizabeth Williamson, who works as a relationship and family therapist, as well as business mediation. She and Simone chat about listening, learning through failure, and about dealing with conflicts and difficult conversations.

SeriouslySocial Podcast with Julian Carbone

Episode 14 – Julian Carbone

Today’s guest is Julian Carbone, local councillor in the Burnside City Council.

He and Simone talk local politics, social media, and how the increasing cost of living space impacts demographics.

SeriouslySocial Interview with Amanda Goodfellow

Episode 15 – Amanda Goodfellow

ur guest today is mindfulness teacher Amanda Goodfellow from Agile Mind. She chats with Simone about mindfulness, misconceptions about meditation, and how social media can affect our mental health.

SeriouslySocial Podcast with Dale Hicks

Episode 13 – Dale Hicks

Our guest this episode is psychotherapist Dale Hicks. 

He and Simone chat about self awareness, being present and of rejecting the one size fits all approach to wellness.

SeriouslySocial Podcast with Shem Richards

Episode 12 – Shem Richards

Our guest for this episode is Inventor Shem Richards, founder of Goldilocks. He details the exciting new product the Goldilocks Suit, designed for new parents to give them an all new way of monitoring their babies’ health.

SeriouslySocial Podcast with Penny Reidy

Episode 11 – Penny Reidy

This week’s guest is Penny Reidy from Pick a Local, Pick SA! She and Simone discuss the importance of conscious purchasing, how to support local producers, and about their shared love of food.

#SeriouslySocial Podcast with Ruth Sims

Episode 10 – Ruth Sims

Our guest this episode is researcher Ruth Sims from UniSA. She chats with Simone about her research into the phenomenon of followership, about how to empower your colleagues, and about the relationship between leaders and followers.


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