LinkedIn Pages – What’s new & what you need to know

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Linkedin pages

While it’s not the platform that’s regularly in the news, LinkedIn has been quietly chugging away in the background, gaining loads of momentum.

LinkedIn have reported that their user base has now surpassed 590 million members worldwide, including over 9 million here in Australia.  And as of January 2019, we found there to be 470,000 LinkedIn users in South Australia alone.

LinkedIn is also the #1 channel for B2B marketers to distribute their content, with 94% preferring LinkedIn over other social media channels.

So why is LinkedIn in favour again?

In November 2018, some big updates were rolled out to the Pages component of their offering.  Similar to Facebook Pages, LinkedIn Pages are “your place to engage with people that matter most to your business”.

Updates to LinkedIn Pages 

Mobile Control

The first major change – and one that has been rejoiced by community managers the world over – is that LinkedIn Pages can now be managed through the LinkedIn mobile apps for both iOS and Android.  Woo hoo!


Content Suggestions

Wouldn’t you love to know what sort of content your audience would find interesting? LinkedIn’s new ‘Content Suggestions’ feature can do just that.  By selecting a few filters, you are presented with a list of trending content from the last 15 days:

LinkedIn Content Suggestions filters


Plus, the list that appears even gives you an idea of the engagement rate on the individual pieces of content – so you’ll actually know if something has had an impact with the audience!

LinkedIn Trending Content

Commit yourself to posting at least once per week through your LinkedIn Page, as LinkedIn suggests that companies who post weekly see a 2x lift in engagement with their content.  Using this Suggested Content tool is a great place to start for inspiration, but be sure to not just share other people’s content, look at how you can create some of your own too.  The dream would be to have other people sharing YOUR own branded content.


New File Types

Admins also have the ability to not only share images, video and text as before, but now also other useful file formats such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and PDFs.  This is going to be handy for businesses who want to share conference presentations, PDF reports and the like.

But it’s important to keep in mind that even with LinkedIn – video content is king.  LinkedIn Page video is 5x more likely than other types of content to start a conversation among members.


Call to Action Buttons

Similar to Facebook’s Page buttons, LinkedIn has now given us the option to add a custom button to our Company Pages to drive business actions, such as sending people to our website, or registration/sign-up form.  Make sure you update yours today as this is a quick and easy way to drive people to your website direct from your LinkedIn Page.

LinkedIn call to action buttons on Company Pages


Career Pages

If you’re in the game of recruiting, then these new updates also bring something exciting for you:  Career Pages.  If you’re wanting to be an ’employer of choice’ that is attractive to potential candidates, then these Career Pages give you the chance to share what makes your company, your culture and your employees stand out from the crowd.


LinkedIn Career Pages


There you have it –  a quick overview of LinkedIn Company Page updates so far!  We’ve been told that there’s more to come as additional features keep rolling out, and we’ll be sure to update you here on the blog as we see more.

Remember that LinkedIn Pages with complete information tend to get 30% more weekly views than those with missing information, so login today and get your LinkedIn Page completed.  And perhaps if LinkedIn wasn’t a part of your social media strategy for 2019, now is the time to re-assess that  🙂

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Tamara Caire

Tamara Caire

Tamara is the General Manager for Social Media AOK. With a background in marketing, Tamara has a passion for the online world and a firm belief that businesses can use digital media to drive new business, and become a core part day-to-day operations.