Facebook Advertising


Facebook Advertising Training – The Basics

Dates Held: 11 February 2020. 2 June 2020, 8 September 2020.

This Facebook Advertising Training Course will provide a solid background in advertising for business perfect for those committed to advertising on social media.

Did you know…

6 in every 10 Australians is on Facebook, and the average punter is spending more than 10 hours per week checking their newsfeed (Sensis Social Media Report 2018) … is your business where they’re looking?

If not, your business or brand should look into a strategy to make the most on this hugely popular platform! And we don’t just mean clicking “BOOST” on a few posts either.

Let Adelaide’s Facebook advertising specialists show you how we’ve helped businesses achieve amazing results using the Facebook Advertising tool.

This Facebook Advertising Training will cover:

  • Devising an advertising plan for your business, including budgets
  • Selecting the right campaign objectives
  • How to build an audience in Facebook based on your ideal customers
  • The power of creating custom and lookalike audiences from your existing client databases
  • Selecting the right placements for your ad
  • The importance of messaging, good imagery, and selecting the right call to action
  • Remarketing and how it can achieve great success when implemented properly
  • CTR, CPC, CPM, Frequency, Reach, Relevance Score – how to decipher the reporting features
  • The numbers – what figures are actually worth looking at and some benchmarks to work towards

Who Should Attend:

Business Owners, Marketing Managers or Assistants, or anyone who is a Facebook Page Admin.

Prior Knowledge:

No prior knowledge assumed.

What to Bring:

A fully charged, wifi-enabled laptop with access to your business Facebook Page and Facebook Ads Manager.