10 Tips To Tune Up Your Social Media This Christmas

So it’s getting close to the holiday period, the retail sector is ramping up, tradies are madly trying to finish work in progress before their suppliers shut up shop for the mandatory two to four week break depending on your industry and everyone is getting ready for a nice long vacation.


Thoughts are turning to those long awaited family road trips and many of you reading this will be booking the family car in for the pre holiday service to ensure it is running at optimum mechanical efficiency prior to setting off.  So the question is when did you last get your social media serviced? Has your social media had it’s Christmas tune up?


5 Golden Rules for University Graduates Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool for university graduates and there are most certainly rules when it comes to utilising the power of it. There are hundreds of networking sites out there and it can be very confronting trying to work out where you stand in what networks. Should you make your Facebook private? Have I deleted my MySpace account from when I was 16? What was I even up to when I was 16? Your existing digital footprint can be a make or break moment in your professional career.



Social Media Leading The 2013 Federal Election

As we are all aware, social media is everywhere. Absolutely everywhere, there’s no escaping it. With no exceptions to the political world, social media is running wilder than ever with the 2013 Federal Election. If you’re a bit of a political nerd, you’ll be thriving off the social media wars, if not, brace yourself- the tweets and posts will be just as bad once the decision has been made!